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Accessible through a small, scenic road at only 13km from the chalet you can find the beautiful valley of d'Ecreins. If you follow the road you can see the ruins of the village of Escreins which was burned in 1916 and a chapel on the right site of the road. At the end of the road there is a big parking spot.

From here there are different activities to do with children:

  • Picnicking at the wooden tables in the middle of the forest with rugged mountains on the background.
  • Discovery trail with educational signs about the history of the old village of d'Ecreins
  • A botanical trail of 600 meters with explanatory signs on the flora and natural species that are present
  • Tetra Lyre discovery trail in which is told about the history and richness of the Val d'Ecreins during one and a half hour
  • Trail of remarkable trees: 10 giant trees, some of which are more than 4 meters in circumference during 4 hours
  • Tour of Val d'Escreins: a trail to discover the diversity of Val d'Escreins during 4 hours
  • Track of the Fauna (novelty 2016): artistic and poetic track