• Lac La Roche de Rame
  • Durance river
  • Lac Egliers
  • Lac Poncon

For swimming there are quite a few options: 

  • Swimming pool Guillestre
    • Open from half June to the end of august. Which cost only €1,50 for children under 15 years and €3,- for adults.
    • For more information see the website of horaires-piscine.info
  • Lake Eygliers
    • This beautiful lake shaped like a donut is only a few minutes drive from the gite. Kids can have fun at the small amusement park and trampolines who are close to the lake. There is also a possibility to do horseriding or ponyriding for the kids.
    • For more information on the amusement park see the website of eygliers parc de loisirs enfants
    • For more information on horseriding see the website of ecole d equitation du lac Eygliers
  • Lake La Roche de Rame
    • Surrounded by mountains there is a gorgeous lake at La Roche de Rame. This lake is perfect for cooling down during a hot summer day. On one side of the lake you can enter the water at a sandy beach, then swim 300 meters to the other site and reward yourself with a ice cream at the restaurant. In July and August you will be supervised by a life guard. It's also possible to rent a pedal boat. 
  • Lake of Embrun/ Lake Serre-Ponçon
    • The Lake of Embrun is seperated from Lac Poncon by a dike. If your searching for a bigger lake then this is the place to be. There are endless water sport activities to do, like windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and kayaking. Here you will be also supervised by a life guard. At the Aqua Embrun Water Park children from 6/7 years old, but of course also adults can have a lot fun at the Aqua Embrun water park, which exists of a floating planet, a catapult, an obstacle course, trampolines and slides. Tired of all the swimming there are multiple beaches to relax and restaurants to serve you with a well deserved drink or meal. 
    • For more information on the Aqua Embrun Water Park see the website of aquaparc embrum