• Val d’Ecreins, nature reserve close to the gîte
  • Foret Risoul
  • Breathtaking view 'Risoul par La crete du penon'
  • Mont Pelvoux
  • Valion du Couleau
  • Queyras

Routes from the chalet

Within only a couple of minutes walking you can reach the beautiful forest of Risoul, where there are multiple hiking routes.

There is a magnificent route that starts from the gîte and goes to Risoul 1850 and back. The length of the route is 22 km, the height is 1100 metres and it takes about 7 hours. For more information on this hike see https://gitelechampignon.com/route/les-bruns-risoul-1850

Another stunning route is a track that goes through the valley of The Change. The length of the route is 8,5km and it takes about 3 hours to walk. You can start the hike from Risoul village, which is about 1,5km. You can either walk along the road from the chalet or park the car at the village. For more information on this route see the website of rando.guillestrois.com.


Nature reserve Val d'Escreins

Accessible through a small, scenic road at only 13km from the chalet you can find the beautiful valley of d'Ecreins. If you follow the road you can see the ruins of the village of Escreins which was burned in 1916 and a chapel on the right site of the road. At the end of the road there is a big parking spot which is the start of many hiking routes.

These include three clearly marked trails in the colors green (4km), blue (9km) and red (9km).

Another really beautiful hike goes to a lake called 'Lac des 9 couleurs' in the Laugier valley. The lake is named after the different colours that the lake has in different parts of the day. The hike to the lake takes about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

For more information on the different hikes see the website of envie-de-queyras.com


National Park Ecrins

The Ecrins national park offers endless hiking trails through a landscape of rugged snow covered peaks and magnificent glaciers. There is something for everybody from easy well marked routes to multiple day hikes distant from civilized world.

One of the well marked routes, that is an absolute must-do is the walk to the Glacier Blanc. You get here by driving to the parking spot at refuge Pré de Madame Carle. There is an clearly marked path to the Glacier Blanc. On the path you can see people of all ages, because it's one of the most accessible glaciers in the Haute Alpes. It takes most people about one and a half to two hours to get there. Once at glacier it's possible to take a rest at the  refuge du Glacier Blanc, where they can serve really good pie. At an altitude of 2542 meters you can really enjoy the magnificent view on the Glacier Blanc, Mont Pelvoux and Pic Sans Nom.

For more information on hiking trails in the Ecrins national park see the website of rando.ecrins-parcnational.fr


National Park Queyras

From the Chalet you can enter the Queyras national park along a beautiful road twisting from Guillestre through the gorges of Guil. Once your in the national park there are countless trails to do through the gorgeous alpine environment. They can take you to mirror lakes, high scenic mountain passes and along pretty valley bottoms.

For more information on trails in the Queyras national park, but also other places in Haute Alpes see the website cheminsdesparcs.fr